Accidents at Work

Employers Duty of Care

Regardless of your job or place of work, safety issues are ever present in the workplace. Safety at work is a legal issue, and the law supports your right to expect to work in a safe environment.

Employers have a Duty of Care to their employees, and within the UK the Health and Safety Executive, on behalf of the Government provides the regulations in plain English.

Providing a safe working environment is only one aspect of safety at work. One additional area is that of Discrimination, this can affect your prospects, mental well-being and safety. Equal opportunities at work policies and procedures must be in place to ensure that employees are not discriminated against with regard to age, gender or disability.

If you have been involved in an accident at work, in an office environment, warehouse, shop, factory or any type of workplace, your employer has a responsibility, duty of care for your safety.

If your role involves driving a car, lorry, bus, forklift truck, train or other type of vehicle, your employer should ensure that the vehicle has passed appropriate safety assessments an is fit for purpose.

When can accidents at work happen?

Accidents at work can happen at any time. They can occur because your employer has failed to follow basic Health & Safety rules; they haven’t provided the correct or adequate equipment/clothing or have used defective machinery.

Injuries can commonly include back problems, injuries to arms or legs through to burns or injuries to the senses.

What to do in the case of an accident or injury at work

As soon as possible after the accident write down, in your own words, exactly what happened. If you think something or somebody was at fault then say so. If there were any witnesses try and obtain their names, addresses and phone numbers and, if you know them, ask them whether they would give a statement to support your claim.

Ensure that the accident including the circumstances, the date, and your injuries are put into the accident book which all employers are duty bound to hold. Try and obtain a copy of the page about your accident.

If you feel that the accident or injury has been sustained as a result of someone else's fault, or wish to discuss what has happened confidentially, and with no obligation, our friendly legal team is here to help.

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