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Contracts and Contract Disputes 

The KLS Law solicitors have specialist business legal teams. These teams have the contracts knowledge and expertise, to help you resolve your dispute in the most favourable way possible.

Unfortunately within business contractual disputes often occur. We can help you to resolve many types of contract disputes, including:

  • Civil Fraud
  • Agency Disputes
  • Misrepresentation claims
  • Breaches of trust
  • Breach of Contract
  • Partnership Dissolution 

Why come to KLS Law?

We have over 25 years' experience of successful business legal practice.

We have contract dispute solicitors  and contract dispute legal teams who have the proficiency and fighting qualities to get you the right result.

We will deal with your case efficiently and effectively.

Our first attendance on you is entirely free and we can see you at our offices in the heart of Warrington; (we have parking available).

Contact our contract Warrington solicitors dispute legal team, without obligation, and in confidence on the free phone telephone number or email opposite.