Housing Disrepair: How We Can Help You

Housing Disrepair is a very real issue for many of those living in rented properties across England & Wales. 

Here at KLS Law, we specialise in advising on and assisting with these types of claims. When you come to us, there are a number of factors we need to be able to establish and understand before we can advise on your prospects of being able to pursue a claim and before we can get your claim started. 

To get clarity on where you stand legally as quickly as possible, when you first contact us you can use the below as a checklist. The more information we have the better.

  1. Are you a tenant under an Assured Short-Hold Tenancy?
  2. Please detail the disrepair issues your home currently has, such as mould, broken windows, rats, no heating etc.
  3. Please provide details of any notification you have made to your landlord of the current disrepair.
  4. Please provide details of the time period you have given the landlord to rectify the issues.
  5. Has your landlord responded to your notification?
  6. Do you still live in the property?
  7. Please tell us the date you moved into the property.
  8. Please detail the distress, inconvenience or ill health that you have suffered as a result of the disrepair.

If you are suffering disrepair at your rented property and would like some advice, please email us on housing_disrepair@klslaw.co.uk with as much of the information above as possible. We will then contact you to discuss a possible claim against your landlord.