Industrial Deafness

Industrial Deafness Claims

Your employers owe you a Duty of Care imposed on them by the Noise at Work Act 2005 and by preceding legislation and Health & Safety Rules.

Your employers are required to assess risk and make sure you have a safe working environment in which to carry out your job.

If you suffer with hearing loss be as a result of acoustic trauma such as a perforated eardrum or excessive noise induced hearing loss or your hearing has deteriorated this condition may have been induced as a result of your employer failing to control excessive noise or failing to provide any or adequate ear protection as required under the Noise at Work Act or other rules.

As a result of this failure to control noise or give you adequate protection you may be suffering from Tinnitus (ringing in your ears) or hearing loss or deterioration.

This type of occupational deafness often occurs when you work in a noisy environment such as the music industry, a factory manufacturing car or aircraft parts or other products, the military or the building and construction industry.

Even if you worked in a noisy environment years ago it is your date of knowledge that is relevant so if you have only become aware within the last three years that your hearing impairment is as a result of your present or previous employment you may still claim.

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