What are the common causes of claims?

The time of year can determine and affect the types of claims we have over the course of a year, seasonal factors do have a correlation on the causes of claims we receive.

For example, in the spring and summer months, there are a lot more people out and about on their bikes. This will register in the context of bicycle accident claims which can range from accidents with other vehicles on the road, including incidents between bicycles, e-bikes, and of course other motor vehicles.

This law is generally governed by common law, negligence and case law which sets precedents for and has developed extensively over the years. The claims will often involve personal injury and sometimes serious personal injury where solicitor advice will be essential.

Bycicle and persoanl injury claims

Due to the increase of claims involving e-bikes where insurance remains non-compulsory it is important to obtain as much information as possible. We need information about the defendant who is being pursued, to see if they are insured and if not, if there is means to pursue the claim.

Due to the increase in cycling for recreation too at this time of year, pothole claims or other public liability claims involving cyclists being injured due to defective road surfaces are very frequent. These claims will normally be brought under the Highways Act 1980 where the law governs the duty of care placed on highways authorities (usually local councils) and their responsibilities. Such claims can be quite technical and the experience of a solicitor with expertise in this complex area could pay dividends.

Common winter claims

During the winter months partly due to bad weather conditions and motorists often not taking sufficient caution during these times, there tends to be more vehicle to vehicle road traffic collisions. All motor vehicles can of course be included in this category including motorbikes.

Public liability claims

There are other public liability claims which are frequently made such as claims where pedestrians who suffer trips and slips either on the highway, pavement or for example in public areas such as shops and offices. As for the former, these will be often brought under the Highways Act 1980 but can also be brought under the ambit of common law negligence too depending on the circumstances.

There will usually be public liability insurance in place for the latter types of claims as there is compulsory public liability insurance requirements for shops, offices and other buildings which are open to the public. There are various potential legal causes of action available against such defendants.

The other common type of personal injury claim is one where the employer is being pursued for negligence. The law here has been modified somewhat over the past 10 years.

How KLS Law can help

KLS law frequently have claims referred to them from people who have had a poor experience with other solicitors handling their claims. Many solicitors will for example hold themselves out to have expertise in personal injury when in reality they do not. It is very important, especially in the higher value and more complex personal injury cases to instruct a solicitor who does have proper expertise and experience like ourselves.

If you feel like you have experienced any of these instances where you think you have a claim, please get in contact by calling 0800 015 1470.