In housing disrepair claims photographs are very important to evidence your claim. Taking good quality and eligible photographs will help us to assess the level of disrepair and whether it is covered under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

What can I use to take photographs?

  • A camera or smartphone camera

What should I do before the photographs are taken?

  • Assess the lighting. We recommend the photographs are taken in daylight. If you are taking photographs inside the property, please ensure all curtains/ blinds are open and the lights are turned on.
  • If the lighting is poor, we recommend using the flash function on the camera.

What photographs are we looking for?

  • Disrepair items can be located inside and outside of the property.
  • Examples of disrepair outside includes guttering, roof, windows, brickwork and chimney stack.
  • Examples of disrepair inside the property includes structural cracks, damp patches, mould and leaks.
  • We recommend close photographs of the disrepair items and photographs of the room at a distance are provided.
  • Photographs taken of the room a distance away help us to identity where the disrepair is located.
  • Videos can also be helpful in certain circumstances as such demonstrating leaks.

How to send your photographs?

After taking several photographs you should review them and send the best photographs demonstrating the defects. It is also important to label each photograph with the room it was taken in and the defect.

We provide our clients with a number of options to send their photographs such as:-

  • Sending via email;
  • Sending via whatsapp (07849630652);
  • Sending via google drive or another free transfer service; or
  • We can send an agent to your property to take photographs on your behalf.

If your complaints of disrepair have been ignored, KLS Law can assist you.

If your case has good prospects we will arrange to have your home visited by a surveyor who will prepare a report on what is needed to put it right.

If we take your case on we will deal with it on a No Win No Fee basis, which means you will not have to pay our legal fees if your case is unsuccessful.

Our housing disrepair team are highly experienced and professional.

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