The concequences on council & Housing Assosiation

The tragic events that unfolded in the Grenfell fire in June 2017 have had long reaching consequences for many tenants who live in council or housing association accommodation.

As local authorities and housing associations have been forced to consider the safety and fire risk associated with the outside cladding of buildings and forced their tenants to put up with prolonged and disruptive remedial work.

In many instances this work has been done swiftly and not up to a quality standard leaving properties in a poor state of repair suffering from damp and mould, leaks, damaged brickwork plastering issues, gas, or electrical faults and much more.

In many instances this has compounded the struggles that tenants have been having with housing disrepair which has gone on for months or even years.

If you are a Tenant who has had these problems arising from work done to replace cladding or generally because of housing disrepair, we can help you get your property put right.

You must have given your landlord notice of the issues and a reasonable time to put it right but if you have done so and you have been ignored or no action taken, we can help you.

As well as getting your property put into good repair you may also be entitled to compensation for damage to your person property, distress, inconvenience, and any personal injury you or members of your family living with you have suffered from the poor conditions you are living in.

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