Since the coronavirus pandemic first began, tenants have been given security and protection from eviction or homelessness by the government temporarily banning Section 21 evictions.

However, this temporary restriction is due to be lifted soon. This will potentially leave 230,000 tenants facing eviction in the coming months.

Thousands of people have already lost their jobs as a result of Covid -19 and many more will follow. This is because from the beginning of August employers will have to contribute towards furlough payments for staff, which will result in unprecedented redundancies across most sectors.

Throughout the pandemic landlords have been afforded the benefit of a 3 month mortgage holiday, which has been extended for another 3 months. However, tenants have still been required to pay rent, failing which they face the courts at the end of the temporary eviction ban.

Lord Greenhalgh confirmed the suspension would not be extended beyond next month, calling it an “important step towards ending lockdown”. This has naturally been met with much opposition.

What appears to be even more unfair in this situation is the fact that tenants have been paying full rent for properties, which are in a condition that is far below acceptable.

We are currently receiving enquiries from many tenants across England and Wales reporting significant issues within their properties, yet they are too scared to raise a claim because they fear being evicted by their landlord as a result.

That is why it is very important for tenants to know that a landlord cannot evict you when you have a valid housing disrepair claim in progress.

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