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Alternative dispute resolution experts

Whether you are a CEO, HR Manager, staff member or client, the team at KLS Law can provide quality, expert dispute resolution advice relating to your needs and circumstances.

We understand that, in many situations, settling matters outside of the Court is the preferred option by all parties involved. We have the legal expertise and experience necessary to effectively guide these negotiations and ensure your best interests are protected; whether that be through mediation or other alternative dispute resolutions.

Specifically, we can assist with:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Professional negligence
  • Commercial fraud
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Protecting business assets
  • Managing business relationships

If your matter relates to any form of business dispute, we have the vast experience necessary to protect your best interests.

How can we help?

After careful consideration of your situation, we may suggest an alternative means of dispute resolution as the best solution to your matter.

Avenues for alternative dispute resolution include:

  1. Adjudication: Both parties submit their evidence and arguments, which results in a third party deciding their rights and obligations.
  2. Arbitration: A private process where an arbitrator is involved in settling disputes, which are commonly business-related.
  3. Mediation: One of the most commonly used forms of alternative dispute resolution, mediation has a high success rate and can take place at any time after a dispute has arisen.
  4. Conciliation: A third party is brought in to steer negotiations towards an amicable result.

The Court's encourage all parties involved in a dispute to settle these issues outside of court where possible.

In fact, those who have refused alternative dispute resolution may be subject to fines if the case reaches the Courts.

If you would like to pursue alternative dispute resolution or have a question relating to this, we welcome you to get in touch with the team on 0800 015 1470, via our enquiry form here, or you're welcome to request a call back below where a member of staff will call you back shortly.

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search Mediation on behalf of an Insurer

We acted for an insurer (on a surrogated basis) and a high net worth policy holder for the recovery of an extensive bill after the policy holder’s vehicle, a Porsche Carrera, was damaged. The cost of repairs exceeded £50 000 and the incident resulted in a substantial diminution in value to the vehicle, exceeding £30000, as a consequence of the damage and repairs required.

The vehicle had been transported on an open transporter from Antibes in France. There was a contractual dispute between the client and transportation company, as to whether the transport was meant to take place in an open container or a closed one. There were other legal defences being presented relating to the CMR (The legal convention governing international carriage of goods through road transport), which sought to limit any award by virtue of articles contained within that Convention.

Proceedings were issued and the matter was due for trial in The High Court, which would have resulted in substantial costs if the matter proceeded to Trial, however Solicitors for both parties consented to proceed via Mediation.

KLS Law represented the Claimant at Mediation without counsel and succeeded in achieving a settlement in the region £65,000 for the claimant and his insurers. The costs avoided for the client and insurer, as a consequence of ADR, easily exceeded £100000.


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