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The importance of expertly drafted contracts

We see a lot of insufficient commercial contracts, sometimes downloaded from the internet or produced by inexperienced professionals, which have resulted in complex and stressful situations that could have been avoided.

While taking shortcuts in the drafting of contracts may seem like a cheap and easy option, especially if your business is just starting out, a lot of these contracts do not cover essential matters and this provides fertile ground for future disputes with your employees.

Prevention is better than a cure and ensuring that your contracts are right from the start can avoid expensive contract disputes and issues in the future.

We will consult with you to ensure that the contract is tailored for your business and covers all the essential areas, safeguarding you and your business for the future.

Commercial contracts for your unique needs

Our experienced solicitors will draft agreements designed for the specific needs of your company and ensuring your best interests are protected.

Particular attention has to be paid to areas where disputes often arise, such as clauses dealing with payment,completion times and in view of more unique events such as the coronavirus pandemic, business continuity.

Well drafted agreements prevent costly and time consuming disputes.

What are the types of contracts we draft?

  • Contracts of employment
  • Grievance
  • Disciplinary Policies
  • IT and social media

Commercial agreement solicitors

The commercial solicitors at KLS Law encompass the plethora of experience, with more than 25 years of successful practice.

This ensures that, when you enter the arena of drafting commercial agreements, you do so with confidence knowing you and your business will be looked after by experts.

Choosing the team at KLS will also avoid the larger bills that can be associated with inexperience and inefficient processes.

To contact KLS Law for no-obligation legal advice regarding commercial agreements or drafting contracts, phone us on 0800 015 1470 or request a call back below. One of our friendly legal advisors will be happy to assist you.

search Case Study: The perils of oral contracts

The case of Wells v Bevan recently came before the Supreme Court. It showed the perils of oral contracts as both parties gave very different accounts of a telephone conversation. The court based its decision on context, saying this was the important feature in such cases. If at all possible, such important conversations should be recorded or at least a contemporaneous note kept.


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