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Household Claims

KLS Law has been dealing with household claims for over 20 years, gathering a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area of law.

We offer a full-cycle claims handling service to insurers, MGAs and Brokers who seek to delegate (or sub-delegate) services to ourselves and the Connexus Group.

Our services and benefits:

  • 24/7 first notification of loss
  • All calls recorded
  • Data fields completed in accordance with insurer/MGA requirements
  • Out of hours service provided by internal staff
  • Claims triage
  • Desktop handling with dedicated claims handlers (branded if required)
  • Intervention service to control costs
  • Instruction and liaison with loss adjusters
  • Fraud investigation (using latest detection technology)
  • Policy verification and indemnity enquiries
  • Supplier services
  • Salvage disposal
  • Pro-active and accurate reserving
  • Subrogation recovery begins on day one
  • Imprest accounting/account management
  • Full legal defence of claims

Supplier network and management of household claims

We can work with your existing supply and adjustor networks.

Our management team are experienced in working with senior experienced claims adjusters and have forensic knowledge of supplier network, having built up a market leading supply network that is available to clients.

Fraud checks

All claims are screened at FNOL and where appropriate technology is used.

Cue checks are completed and we start enquires on day 1 if there are any indicators.

We have an experienced fraud team and if fraud is detected the claim is reviewed swiftly at top Partner level.

Immediate referral to the Insurer/MGA will take place with a comprehensive report prepared.

Our Claims Process

All claims are acknowledged and set up in the system with a solicitor reference number and the insurer/MGA/broker advised.

At KLS Law, we focus on multiple touchpoints and manage a comprehensive diary for each claim, ensuring all elements of the claims journey are monitored closely and costs savings are achieved.

We employ multi-disciplined claims and legal technicians who work in accord to deliver a proactive claims service.

Reserving Philosophy

At KLS Law, we adapt our reserving philosophy to mirror that of our insurer/MGA clients.

Our default position is real-time, realistic assessments based on the evidence available at any given time.

We ensure:

  • Proactive and accurate reserving within 14 days of FNOL (for large losses 7 days)
  • Realistic and accurate reserving
  • Reserves reviewed at each “touch” of the claim includingg each time a claim is opened/closed, ensuring audit transparency
  • Automated escalation for significant reserve changes/large losses
  • Tracking reports available to provide specific MI on all reserve, payment and recovery movements from FNOL to claims closure

Legal defence of household claims

The experienced legal defence team at KLS law has been dealing with household claims for over 20 years.

We provide a full management of portal claims and provide an early assessment of indemnity, liability and quantum.

Key benefits:

  • Early report provided after 28 days
  • Robust, clear advice to ensure the claim tactics adopted are unambiguous
  • We adopt a pro-active approach to establishing the correct reserve, ascertaining the strengths (and weaknesses) of the case
  • We work closely with our in-house and external suppliers/experts to establish the correct, swift valuation of the claim
  • Immediate access to over 1500 experts nationally via our in-house medical facility (Connexus Medical Appointments)
  • Effective and timely negotiations to keep legal costs down
  • Robust early detection approach to cases of fraud/reputational damage
  • Regular review of strategy and reserves
  • Our internal large loss team liaise with insurers/MGAs where there is a danger of our limit of indemnity being exceeded (such as dealing with procedural matters at Court, arranging investigations/negotiation with third party solicitors etc)
  • Our services outside a Delegated Authority are holistic and we work with our partners to ensure favourable outcomes

How KLS Law assist Insurers, MGAs and Brokers

We offer a full service proposition in the areas of motor claims, household, casualty (predominantly employers' liability, public liability and professional indemnity claims). Together with our partners at the Connexus Group, we provide all services including FNOL, subrogation and full legal defence of claims.

We assist insurers and MGAs in a number of ways such as:

  • Policy development issues to ensure compliance with the Insurance Act 2015
  • Management of compliance and regulatory issues
  • Drafting of terms of business and third party agreements
  • Employment requirements
  • Data protection and information security
  • Requirements of ISO 27001
  • Training and Webinars
  • Reservation of rights, indemnity issues and repudiation
  • Auditing & Selection of supply chain
  • Data management
  • Trustee accounts and management of claims fund up to £250K limit of indemnity

To learn more about the support KLS Law offer Insurers, Reinsurers, MGAs and Brokers, please take a look at our insurance page here

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