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At KLS Law, we consider subrogation to be a partnership between the client and ourselves.

In any business, recovering the outlay owing is a key focus.

Regrettably, this aspect can often be pursued too late in the process, resulting in the business being behind the curve in terms of recovery speed and improvement of loss ratios.

We overcome this issue by beginning the subrogation recovery process on day one.

When working with Connexus, details are passed over at the FNOL stage on full liability cases and steps are then taken to establish who is responsible, make contact and try and elicit an admission even before the expense arises.

In appropriate cases, the Third Party insurer can be asked to take over payment of the outlay before it's incurred, or at the very least, to be ready to receive the insurer’s outlay as soon as it is received.

Key components of a successful subrogation department


It is important to have the policy holder and their broker on board at the outset of the claim to elicit information and cooperation in the recovery. We achieve this objective by working to ensure ULR is attempted at the same time as subrogated losses in the event there is no conflict of interest.


We manage diaries strictly to ensure that all claims are pursued swiftly at the earliest opportunity. We do this by having a specialist subrogation team that focuses on this area of work.

Managing Complexity

A complex case review panel of experienced solicitors meets weekly to review complex claims and decide on the correct tactics to a adopt to lead to a recovery. These solicitors have at least 20 years' experience.


We normally work on a no win no fee basis in the area of subrogation so we do not get paid unless we recover. For cases where prospects of success are less than 50%, we offer a competitive hourly rate.

How KLS Law assist Insurers, MGAs and Brokers

We offer a full service proposition in the areas of motor claims, household, casualty (predominantly employer liability, public liability and professional indemnity claims) and with our partners at the Connexus Group, we provide all services from FNOL to subrogation to include full legal defence of claims.

We assist insurers and MGAs in a number of ways such as:

  • Policy development issues to ensure compliance with the Insurance Act 2015
  • Drafting TOBAs
  • Management of compliance and regulatory issues
  • Drafting of TOBAs and TPA agreements
  • Employment requirements
  • Data protection and information security
  • Requirements of ISO 27001
  • Training and Webinars
  • Reservation of rights, indemnity issues and repudiation.
  • Auditing & Selection of supply chain
  • Data management
  • Trustee accounts and management of claims fund up to £250K LOE

To learn more about the support KLS Law offer Insurers, Reinsurers, MGAs and Brokers, please take a look at our insurance page here


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