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Is your home in disrepair?

If you are a Council or Housing Association tenant and your landlord has not repaired your home
after you have made multiple complaints about repair problems or rodent infestation. You are
legally entitled to get a Solicitor to make your landlord repair your home for you and your family.
Your tenancy agreement will not be affected.

KLS Law work on a No Win No Fee basis – to ensure that you can pursue your claim without fear
of being unsuccessful and incurring costs.


Most common disrepair issues...

What can you claim for?

If you believe that your property is suffering from disrepair, you can potentially claim for the following:

Compensation for distress and inconvenience – You can usually recover between 10%-30% of rent paid for the duration of the disrepair until it has been fixed.

Special damages – You can claim back any costs incurred due to increased heating cost, loss of earnings, repair/replacement of damaged personal items.

Personal injury - You can pursue a separate claim for personal injury if you believe that your health has been affected by your living conditions IE physical injuries, respiratory injuries.

Injury to feelings/discrimination – If you are disabled or have specific property needs which have not been met by your landlord, you may be able to seek further damages for injury to feelings and discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

What are the requirements for a claim?

If you believe that your property is suffering from disrepair, you can potentially claim for the following:

Has your complaint been ignored?

If you’re living in a council or housing association property and you’ve had the problem for 6 months or more, you could be eligible to claim compensation. Find out how you could get help.

Your local council or housing association have a duty to look after your property and make sure it meets certain standards. Leaking roofs, Faulty heating, black mould and other problems going on with your property could all mean you’re entitled to make a claim.


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