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Defence of Claims

The KLS Law team has extensive medical negligence experience exceeding 25 years, including Advocates with Higher Rights of Audience and specialist lawyers with experience in handling the defence of large value and complex medical negligence claims. Our focus is on managing the expeditious disposal handling of claims and affording clients swift access to senior members of the team and providing concise, clear advice to assist in the decision-making process.

KLS Law has worked with insurers for a number of years and can be instructed directly as well as by insurers for whom we are on the panel. We are also able to assist with advice to the industry to help insurers measure and value books of business, providing insight into risk management and mitigation. As well as assistance in defending matters, we also provide a full suite of support services, including audit.

We have experience in defending all areas of practice, including but not limited to dental, plastic surgery, GP, private orthopaedic surgery as well as radiology and other areas. We strike to the heart of the important issues with our range of both legal and clinical knowledge and this assists with our aim to keep litigation costs down. We recognise that clients are professionals in their field. The ramifications of claims can be serious and wide-ranging, and accordingly, we give extra care and attention to ensure that we provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of the claim. We have close links with medical experts and barristers who are also experienced in such cases to ensure that your legal team is fully equipped to meet any challenge. We ensure that the advice given is clear and concise to ensure that you fully understand and are supported throughout the process.

We have financial arrangements with our insurer clients as we are aware an excess or SIR often applies and if KLS Law is on the panel, preferential rates are available.

How Can We Help?

  • Claims Triage
  • Specialist professional lawyers
  • A proactive approach to all cases
  • Intervention where appropriate
  • Full legal defence of claims
  • Risk management services
  • Robust, clear advice, including accurate reserving of damages and costs
  • Quick access to over 1500 experts nationally via our in-house medical facility and access to rehabilitation services where appropriate.
  • Effective and timely negotiation where appropriate to keep costs down


There are many occasions when medical professionals require representation.

These include:-

  • Attendance at regulatory body hearings
  • Inquests
  • Employment Tribunals
  • Civil Actions
  • Courts of criminal jurisdiction

The KLS Law team has extensive experience in representing medical professionals in all these forums over the last 25 years.

Several of the in-house advocates have Rights of Higher Audience and we have extensive contacts to enable us to arrange representation at short notice nationally.

In terms of fees, we provide a written quote for our services which are competitive in the market and reflect our expertise and knowledge of these areas of law. To individuals, we provide a free 30-mins no-obligation discussion via our Helpline Service.

Regulation and Compliance

As part of our service offering to our insurer clients, we are able to provide compliance and regulatory advice on all aspects of Medical Regulation, rules and updates on Statutory Practice Directions to the professions.

This service can be provided as part of an overall defence of claims package or on an ad hoc basis. For further enquiries please see our Get In touch section below.

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