TV Interview Sparks Further Housing Debate

Yesterday an uncomfortable TV exchange between a presenter and a private tenant who had been evicted from her home sparked debate on Twitter over what has been labelled a 'patronising' interview.

Jayne Secker, who is also a private landlord, questioned the skills of today's young generation of renters and blamed the housing market for the problems facing those who rent. The interviewee Kirsty Archer, had recently been evicted from her home under Section 21 - a rule that the Government has confirmed will now be scrapped. This change follows the new Homes (Fitness For Human Habitation) Act coming into force, which will enable tenants to sue their landlords for not making essential property repairs.

The full interview can be viewed here.


Dean Carpenter, a member of the team at KLS Law, had the following comment on the story:

A strong ethos within KLS Law is to keep up to date with areas of law, changes to the law and relevant debates. As I recently wrote an article for our website about the changes to section 21 evictions. I was obviously keen to hear the Sky news report on Monday about Kirsty Archer, a tenant who had been evicted under section 21.

I have to say I was not surprised by any means listening to Jayne Secker’s (Sky News Reporter) response. As I personally believe, she effectively represents the detached, emotionless attitude of  many private landlords today. Section 21 for far too long has been used as a weapon by landlords, a bartering tool as it were, to ensure that they held dominance in any negotiations. Now that power has been removed, certain landlords are saying that they will simply sell up as this is no longer a good investment for them. Like Kirsty Archer, I would welcome such a move. For landlords who are mostly concerned about holding power over their tenants, why would we want such people in the market?

Jayne Secker, not only treated her interviewee (Kirsty Archer) with contempt and patronised her throughout the interview, she gave us an insight into the mind of the private landlord, an interview which lasted just 2 minutes 21 seconds has in fact made everyone who has listened to it stop and think, realising that the power to evict unnecessarily has been removed, the tenant can have peace of mind again. The landlords no longer rule the market.

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