What is TBI

If you have never heard the term TBI, it references a traumatic brain injury. It is amazing how easy it is to simplify the message this conveys using an acronym. Three little letters that can have changed someones life. As soon as we begin to speak the words, the full extent of the meaning begins to unfold and the significance becomes clear

I began this post reading "Reported problems and their resolution following mild, moderate and severe traumatic brain injury amongst children and adolescents in the UK"

Read More: http://informahealthcare.com/doi/abs/10.1080/0269905021000010131

This brought it home to me the need for continued support for these individuals and their loved ones.

Having a close family member who has experienced a TBI I found it easy to identify with the salient points.

Working with the KLS Law team, it has been my privilege to read many testimonials from families who have suffered serious injuries. These testimonials allow you to follow the story of families who have been devastated by a sudden, unexpected event that was not their fault. It also allows rare insight into the amazing work these solicitors do. They may not be medical practitioners but they can rebuild peoples lives and give them hope for a future.

Although the initial part of the accounts are often challenging to read, as the cases unfold the support given through the work of the solicitors and legal teams at KLS Law, begin to give strength to families and individuals who had almost given up. It really is quite moving to see how the needs of each person are listened to and their injury is given a voice.

This voice, when heard, allows the person to be given the financial support to enable their recovery, rehabilitation or living needs. More than that is the confidence that is given, by listening to people involved and valuing them as people who matter.

If you or someone you love has suffered a TBI don't forget  that they will need support not just now but often for much longer. Make sure you find out if they can get assistance with obtaining that support. Speak to KLS Law and see how their expert serious injury solicitors can help or simply offer advice.

"TBI" quick and easy to say, difficult to understand and catastrophic for those injured, their families and friends. KLS Law can and do help.

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